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Turbine is the Alloy Answer to MTB Wheels

Turbine is the Alloy Answer to MTB Wheels

We took the Enduro World Series-winning Turbine R wheel and further optimized its strength and vertical compliance. The result? A wheel that can take the abuse of the most aggressive enduro racer while giving the increased traction and comfort that every rider can appreciate.


Riders have attested that switching to a more compliant wheel makes it feel like they are running longer travel suspension on their bike. Turbine wheels let you enhance your ride from the ground up.

Turbine wheel 2023
Turbine Wheel 2023


Pause the Pinch Flats with Anvil Edge 


There is no mechanical failure more common—and more derided—than the pinch flat. Even with tubeless tires swimming with sealant, a high-energy collision between the wheel rim and a hard trail surface (such as a rock or root) can result in tire-destroying sidewall tears. 

Anvil Edge is a wider rim edge that disperses the energy of a pinch flat across a broader, flatter surface. Think of placing a tire on a chopping block and striking it with a mallet rather than an axe. Fewer sidewall tears don’t just mean fewer uninterrupted rides, you’ll also get a longer life out of your tires without the need for heavy casings or over-inflated pressures. With Turbine, you can ride your tires the way you want, when you want. 

Lifetime Warranty. Crashes Included. 

Turbine wheels are backed up by our Race Face Lifetime Warranty which covers all product failures related to riding, inclusive of crashes. You can send it with confidence on Turbine wheels knowing that if you have an issue, Race Face has your back. We’ll get you a fresh wheel right away with none of the typical warranty BS. Of course, any defects in workmanship and materials are covered as well. 


Some specifics of what we do and do not cover: 

  • If you crash and destroy a wheel, the warranty applies 
  • If you dent or flat spot your Turbine rim and your tire no longer holds air, the warranty applies 
  • If you dent or flat spot your Turbine rim and your tire still holds air, the warranty does not apply. Keep riding! 
  • Seam separation and/or cracks at the spoke hole, the warranty applies 
  • Hub wear such as bearings or freewheels are covered by our 2-year Limited Warranty (Vault hubs have class leading bearing sealing for years of hard use) 
  • All non-bearing hub issues (including crash damage), the warranty applies 
  • Crashes are only covered while riding your bike. If your friend reverses over your back wheel with their truck, the warranty does not apply. 
  • Improper installation or repairs are not covered 
  • If the Lifetime Warranty is not applicable, we can likely get you setup with a discounted replacement. Contact us and we’ll see what we can do. 

Worth It 

Race Face has never made a more durable and compliant alloy wheel than the new Turbine. We also managed to counter the trend of escalating bike prices by making it less expensive than its predecessor.  


It’s time to put your Trust in Turbine.


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