From our earliest days of riding on the North Shore, we made a promise we’ve kept for almost thirty years.  

We put our riders first. 

That means building the highest quality products that can withstand the rigors of modern-day mountain biking (as well as old-school jank, if that’s your thing). We admit our warranty process in the past wasn’t perfect, and we learned some lessons during those years. As Race Face continues to evolve, making good on our promise means everything. That’s why we’re redefining what a Lifetime Warranty means in the cycling industry. 

A “crash replacement” program is standard for most mountain bike manufacturers. You crash, you send in your broken gear (or photos of your broken gear) and the manufacturer sends you a new part at a discounted cost. When you send in a Race Face product covered by our new Lifetime Warranty, we do the same thing; except we don’t charge you.  Neat, huh? 

What’s Covered 

We’re implementing our new Lifetime Warranty across the bulk of our hard goods including: Wheels, Pedals, Handlebars, Stems, Cranks, Chainrings, Bottom brackets, Static (non-actuated) seat posts.   Basically, if the product is on our website and has the Lifetime Warranty marker on the page, it’s covered.  All our dropper posts, apparel, protection, grips and tailgate pads will continue to be covered under our Limited Warranty, as will any other legacy Race Face part. Of course, if you have any issues with these products, get in touch and we’ll do everything we can to get you back on the trails. Note that Dropper Posts require servicing approximately every 125 hours of ride time to function optimally. Need to submit a part for service? Follow the instructions on this page. 

Making a Claim

Need to make claim on a Lifetime Warranty or a Limited Warranty product? The best place to start is by contacting the bike shop or online retailer that sold you the product. They will advise you of the best course of action to get you back on your bike as soon as possible.  

 If you purchased your product directly from Race Face, start your claim here. 

Nitty Gritty

Like most “lifetime" terminologies, the Lifetime Warranty won’t cover parts all the way into your e-biking Golden Years. Lifetime means the expected life of our products being ridden regularly. We think that’s still pretty good.  

 A note on what types of “crashes” are included; it only covers crashes while riding your bike. If you snap your handlebar sending it deep, we’ve got you. If you drive into a low-clearance parkade with your bike on the roof rack, that’s on you. No intentional destruction either, please. Take care of your stuff the best you can, and we’ll take care of you.  

 Bike parts aren’t cheap, nor should they be. We believe a higher-quality product saves you money in the long run. With our new Lifetime Warranty, you can rest assured that Race Face honors our promise to always put you, the rider, first. 


Why aren’t you covering crashes on all RF products? 

When we decided to implement our Lifetime Warranty inclusive of crashes, we had to do what made sense. Jerseys, shorts and pads aren’t built to the same crash-proof durability as the metal found in our Atlas pedals, for example. Who wants to ride around in aluminum shorts anyway?   Another product line that we’re keeping on our limited warranty is Dropper posts. Droppers have many, many moving parts inside and like suspension, those moving parts require servicing to keep the dropper functioning properly. And while we won’t leave you high and dry, we hope you’ll keep your dropper lowered as you send it down that gnarly rock face and check it in for its scheduled maintenance. 

So, I was Just Riding Along when... 

Yep, we’ve heard that one before. Rather than nitpick the circumstances around your Race Face components getting FUBARed, we’ve decided to make legit crashes a part of our Lifetime Warranty program. That doesn’t mean you can reverse your truck over your new carbon wheels and expect a free replacement. But those same wheels are covered for every bike riding scenario. If you’re feeling the send, let ‘er rip. Our gear can take it. 

What if I bought my RF product from some dude on Craigslist? 

While it would be fun to cover all owners over the course of our products’ existence, it’s unfortunately not realistic. Besides, it’s the original owners who invested in the product in the first place, so we felt they are the ones who should benefit from a crash-inclusive Lifetime Warranty. That said, if you have secondhand RF stuff on your bike that’s not functioning properly anymore, get in touch and we’ll do what we can. 

What if my new bike came with RF parts on it?  

Whether you bought a new bike specced with our products or decided to upgrade some key parts later, all components under our new Lifetime Warranty are covered, crashes included. 

Crashes included? Are you guys for real?   

Yes. You can now ride on the majority of our hardgoods with the confidence that a crash won’t mean a drawn-out claim process. We’re here to get you back on your bike, pure and simple.