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We Are Race Face

Sending It Since 1993

Born Out of Necessity

Race Face was created by a group of die-hard mountain bikers hell-bent on doing things differently. When the gear couldn't keep up with the riding, we made our own. The mountains near Vancouver turned out to be the perfect playground to dream up and test legendary parts.

Shore To The Core

There's just something about Vancouver's North Shore. We grew up in the shadows of these uniquely challenging mountains and it shows. The North Shore's dirt is in our blood and more often than we'd like to admit, our blood ends up on its rocks and roots. The values we hold strong – taking the lead, working together, and having way too much fun – are forever linked to this place we call home-steep-home.

Rider driven, team tested

There's one simple rule we live by: riders come first. We serve the rider and their needs because they're the keepers of the sport we love. And before we release any of our gear into the wild, we have it tested by world-class riders on some of the harshest terrain on earth. If it survives them, it's ready for you.

Go Big Or Go Home

We believe in big leaps, not baby steps. If a product doesn't significantly change the way you ride for the better, then it doesn't deserve to wear the Race Face badge. We make parts that are strong, lightweight, and durable; that perform better than anything else out there. And if shit happens, we have your back with a killer warranty designed to keep you on your bike and out of the service department as much as possible.

Lead Don't Follow

We're a lot like you. We love being in the woods, hanging out with friends, and flowing downhill on two wheels. We live and breathe this stuff and we want to see the sport grow and succeed. That's why we fearlessly take the lead, pushing mountain biking beyond what's possible. We're blazing the trail, and we want to bring everyone along with us.

One Big Happy Family

If you ride, you're one of us. The only requirement is that you have fun doing what you do. Because when you're fully in your element, that's when your free to push your riding beyond the ordinary.

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