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How to Service your 2022 Atlas Pedals

Service kits for the Atlas pedal are sold separately from the pedals separately. They include repair and replacement ...

Trailside Tech: How to Swap Race Face CINCH Chainrings

Q. How easy is it to swap a Race Face CINCH chainring? A. Easy enough to do trailside while you wait for that one fri...

T3 Tailgate Pad - Installation

T3 Install   T2 Install Shuttle freedom is here with the T2 Tailgate pad. This all new tailgate pad is made to fit ...

Aeffect Pedal Rebuild

Coming in a variety of colours the Aeffect pedals feature a thin platform, concave aluminum body with bottom-loading...

Cinch Direct Mount Chaining Installation

Need to change from a direct mount ring set up on your Race Face Cinch crankset to a more traditional chainring spid...

Cinch 30mm Spindle - Installation

Need to swap out your 30mm Race Face Cinch crank spindle but unsure of how to do it? Well, we got you covered with a...

Atlas Pedal Rebuild

More than just a trusty platform for stomping landings and railing around berms, the Atlas Pedal has long been Race ...

Ensuring Authenticity

Since 1993, Race Face Performance Products has been designing and manufacturing leading-edge performance cycling comp...
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