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New Product Alert: The Atlas Pedal

New Product Alert: The Atlas Pedal

Steeped in years of our big gravity pedigree - from daunting DH tracks to heart-in-your-throat freeride lines – the Race Face Atlas pedal has been updated for 2022 to keep up with how gravity riding has changed. 

Based on rider feedback, we aimed to make the best mountain bike flat pedal even better. The 2022 Atlas is larger and sleeker, offering a better and grippier feel without adding bulk thanks to a slimmer profile and varying pin heights. 



About the 2022 Atlas Pedal


Burly enough for even the gnarliest of freeride lines, the all-new Atlas pedal features a wide, slim alloy platform and ten adjustable pins for a grippier and better ride feel without added bulk. 

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Features include:

  • - Increased durability with oversize bearings, Igus bushings and new spindle design
  • - Thin, concave profile for reduced pedal strikes
  • - Now with even longer pins for ultimate grip
  • - Pins are set up at varying heights, increasing concave feel without adding to overall thickness
  • - Also includes spacers to reduce pin height should you want to tone it down a notch
  • - Wider platform for when you're ripping through those corners and need just a liiittle more pedal underfoot
  • - A mind-bending 9 anodized colour options
  • - Fits all alloy and carbon cranks on the market, including those with crank boots
  • - DIY serviceability with no custom tools required 

Lifetime Warranty

We’re not afraid to say the Atlas is arguably the best flat pedal ever and we’re backing that up by offering a Lifetime Warranty on all 2022 Atlas pedals. 



Q. How is this pedal somehow smaller and BIGGER at the same time? 
A. We’ve created a larger platform as well as a thinner profile to increase your contact, while reducing pedal strikes. Best of both! 

Q. What makes the pedal burlier? 
A. For the new Atlas, durability is at the forefront, with over-sized bearings, new Igus bushing on an updated spindle, and all backed by a Lifetime Warranty, it’s ready for a thrashing.

Q. How hard it is to adjust the pins? 
A. Very easy. By removing the pins and inserting the provided washers between the head and the pedal body, you can adjust how far the pins extend out of the body. 

Q. What makes the pedal easier to service? 
A. Thanks to the easy-to-service oversize bearing, simple and highly durable Igus bushing and the included seal alignment bullet, it’s been easier than ever to service your pedal with a press and other basic bike tools with our service kits.

Q. How do the pins work to increase the concave feel, and why does that improve grip? 
A. At the outer edges of the front and back of the pedal, the pins extend further out of the pedal than in the center, increasing the length of the pin gripping your shoes fore and aft, accentuating the pedal’s curve that already cups the shoe! 


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