BB92 Double Row CINCH 30mm

From $99.99

BB92 Double Row CINCH 30mm

From $99.99

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In A Sea Of Bearings

These little buggers can make a huge difference so we've made sure our double row custom retainer bearings are super durable and up for the long run.

Close Enough Won't Cut It

These precision steel cup are coated for corrosion resistance and CNC ground surfaces of this bottom bracket provide an exact, perfectly quiet fit in your frame.

Weather, Or Not

All RF bottom brackets come with an inner plastic sleeve to keep the elements out and include all appropriate spacers to ensure a versatile fit.

As The Wheel Turns

This trusty 30mm workhorse of a bottom bracket is built with custom RF double row cartridge bearings for trouble- free, long haul rolling for you BB92 press fit frame.

BB92 Double Row CINCH 30mm

From $99.99


BB Diameter (MM) 41
Bearing Style Double Row
Color Black
Shell Standard Press Fit
Spindle Diameter (MM) 30
Weight 69g
Weight Conditions BB92


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
solid bb

I got the bottom bracket within 1 day of ordering it. it has held up great and been smooth since I've gotten it. i was surprisingly light compared to the old sram bb i had before. I ride 4-5 days a week in dusty east bay parks and will ride between 10-15 miles a day and this bb has had no issues.

Easy to install, good info from raceface, press fit bearings in general have issues as you know...

Bearings are working good so far. I think someone broke the plastic dust shield on the old ones, possibly speeding their demise, but I think the design could be improved to prevent that kind of early failure. One minor issue with the instructions - would be smarter to apply most of the grease after installing the dust shield... (and a little bit before as well) otherwise the o-rings on the shield are just going to push all your grease away from where the bearing is going... leaving lots of grease where you don't need it and not enough where you do need it. Probably any experienced mechanic would already know this intuitively but I'm not an experienced mechanic :) Also, would love to hear from RaceFace on prefered grease for install (and do we dare try loctite or any other compounds in there to keep dirt and moisture out and reduce creaking?)

Smooth creaker

Smooth and stiff. Creaks loudly.
In doing some research, it appears this is typical and there's suggestions about installation on carbon frames..... but not by the company that should

Best BB

Solid smoothe perfect

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