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Turbine – The Ultimate Alloy Enduro Component Family

Turbine – The Ultimate Alloy Enduro Component Family

What makes Race Face Turbine the ultimate component group for enduro? Let’s look at the complete family and check out what makes Turbine the perfect upgrade for your enduro and all-mountain bike. 

Trust in turbine

Trust in Turbine 

Turbine has been in our lineup since the very beginning of Race Face. Mountain biking has changed quite a bit since then and so have the parts that go on bikes. The entire Turbine family was engineered to meet the rigors of our North Shore roots and today stands up to the demands of our World Cup Enduro athletes.


Turbine Crank

Turbine Crank 

First released in 1993 to appease the demands of British Columbia’s North Shore riders, the Race Face Turbine crank has always been a durable and stiff workhouse. Ridden and raced by the Orbea and Devinci Enduro World Cup teams, it’s an excellent upgrade from your stock crankset to give you the versatility of CINCH chainring technology, as well as an excellent power-to-weight transfer with our machined 7000-series aluminum arms and 30mm spindle. Switching up the crank length from a stock build can also help you optimize the pedaling style for your height and your bike’s ground clearance. The last alloy crank you’ll ever need, Turbine crank is also covered by our Lifetime Warranty.  


If you’re not convinced of its durability and dependability, just ask North Shore veteran rider Devin McPherson. His Turbine cranks lasted through 12 frames over the course of almost a decade. 

Turbine bike

Turbine R Bar and Stem 

Turbine R stem and Turbine R Handlebar make for the ultimate alloy enduro cockpit with tons of options for size and colour. Customizing your cockpit is a perfect way to make a bike yours while satisfying another need – fitment. Stem length is a critical change for most riders to help match the bike to their height and reach. Similarly, choosing a bar with more—or less—rise can assist with steering and pressure control. Wider bars and shorter stems tend to help riders looking for more precise control, but comfort over the course of a long day of riding should also be considered. And with five colours of Turbine R Bar and nine colours of Turbine R Stem, it’s easier than ever to personalize your rig! And to make sure you can send it with absolute confidence, both of these cockpit items are covered by our Lifetime Warranty, crashes included. 

Turbine Dropper

Turbine R Dropper Lever 

When upgrading a bike to be more Enduro-ready, consider your dropper and dropper lever. We designed our Turbine R Dropper Lever to be easy to actuate with an oversized bearing, quick throw, and textured surface to make sure that you’re ready to roll into that steep and scary section of trail. Our lever can match to many different handlebar configurations and is also covered by the Lifetime Warranty, all with six colours to boot. 

Dropper Turbine

Turbine R Dropper 

 The Race Face Turbine R Dropper shares the same internals as our FOX Factory Transfer dropper post for reliable actuation simple servicing. Five travel lengths (100 to 200mm) are available using standard shifter cable and housing. Yes, we do love to keep things simple around here. 

Turbine Transition bike

Turbine Wheels 

Put through the paces on the Enduro World Cup circuit, Turbine Wheels are an incredible upgrade for any enduro rig. Covered by our Lifetime Warranty for complete confidence, Turbine wheels utilize unique front and rear 6069 welded alloy rim designs (with a 30mm inner width) laced to our proven and simple-to-service Vault hub. We balanced the trifecta of compliance, strength and weight, giving you the ultimate wheelset for a quick Enduro upgrade.

Closeup turbine Wheel

You can reference our handy wheel selection guide to get the line on what Race Face wheels will fit your bike. 

Enduro is a demanding discipline. With Turbine, you’re getting gear you can trust to take the big hits. Designed and tested on the Shore and proven on the Enduro World Circuit, almost all our hardgoods are backed with our Lifetime Warranty, crashes included.  

When kitting your bike out for the long term, it’s time to put your trust in Turbine. 

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