We're very excited about the launch of our tough on trails, light on price Aeffect R wheels and Trace J-Bend hub - a hub and rim combo that offers category-leading durability and strength, to confidently take on the rigors of trail, all-mountain, and enduro riding.

Scroll down to learn what media has to say about our new Aeffect R wheels:



“The wheels felt solid and sturdy, without being too stiff and jarring – exactly what you want from any wheelset. As far as durability goes, I had several suspension-bottoming rim strikes while bombing through leaf covered rocks, some of the hardest hits I've given wheels in some time, and the rims suffered no damage whatsoever. No dents, no broken spokes, no flat spots, nothing.”

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“A quality, but affordable, wheelset upgrade with a compliant ride and solid rear hub.”

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“If I had to choose one word to describe the Aeffect R wheelset it would be 'easy.' They're easy to service, easy on the eyes, relatively easy on the wallet, and actually they're easy to ride.”

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