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Race Face Launches a 9000 Lumen Light Bar

Race Face Launches a 9000 Lumen Light Bar

Race Face enters the mountain bike light market with the new Blindy 9000 light bar. 

Adapted from off-road applications and perfectly suited to post work rips on the dank and dark North Shore mountains, the Blindy 9000 packs a retina-burning 9000 lumens that simply makes night riding more better.



Battery capacity is a single hot lap-approved 50 minutes so make sure to drink your top-of-the-trail beers in the dark or save them for the end. No more fiddling with a bunch of middle modes nobody needs, the Blindy 9000 has the two settings you want - 0 lumens and 9000 lumens.



This thing is so damn bright, your riding buddies will probably need to wear sunglasses or you'll just have to ride faster so you're always out front.




“I wrote a song and then Race Face made a light.” - Corey Hart 


“I want this for my truck, but it’s for mountain biking.” - Wade Simmons



Happy April Fool's!

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