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Luce Operations: Volume 1 | Featuring Lucy Van Eesteren

Luce Operations: Volume 1 | Featuring Lucy Van Eesteren

Luce Operations: Vol 1 has arrived. Join us as we delve into the mind of Lucy Van Eesteren – a blend of 90s inspired nostalgia, a healthy dose of oversaturated fish-eye, and her genuine expression of freeride style. The first in the Luce Operations series, Lucy hits Coast Gravity Park on the all new Rocky Mountain Slayer decked out in our freeride ready Race Face Atlas components. 


We asked Lucy about her vision behind Luce Operations: Vol 1. How did you come up with the vibe and vision for the edit?

What inspired the concept and how you wanted to be showcased?

I was inspired by the 90s filming style with fisheye lenses and oversaturated colours, as well as old skate videos and the ski movie Zoot Space! I also love a fast-cut Dad cam video with sick B-roll. I'm really into fashion and my style is something I try to focus on a lot, which definitely inspired the vibe of this video.

Lucy RF

Coast Gravity Park is like a second home to you, how do you think riding and spending so much of your time there has influenced your riding?

Riding Coast Gravity Park is like a dream come true. All the time hitting those jumps and berms has made the flow aspect of my riding so much cleaner. It got me ready for all the bigger airs I’ve hit since. So many inspiring people have helped build and ride the trails at CGP and I’m thankful for the influence it’s had on me, both as a rider and as a person.


This was your first full edit and the first of many. How did you find the filming process? 

The filming was so great! Shooting with Calvin (Huth) didn’t feel like work at all, mostly because he’s so much fun to be around. I had a couple of mechanicals throughout and some crashes on our shoot days, but nothing that was unexpected. 

Lucy RF

Your personality shines quite visibly with your riding style and wardrobe. Can you speak to your choice of apparel in this film?

I love digging through vintage pieces at thrift stores. The support I have from Raceface gives me room to be creative, so we got to work together on some special pieces.  A good outfit always makes me feel like I'm better at riding, so I’m beyond grateful I was allowed to experiment with some cool clothing and represent the Race Face brand in some new and interesting ways.



RF pants

This is the first release of your “Luce Operations” video series. What do you look forward to showcasing in subsequent videos?

I can’t tell you how lucky I feel that we get to make this into a series! In the next one I’m looking forward to showcasing more of my own builds and the style that goes along with that. I’m already picking out some crazy clothing that I think will turn some heads.

RF JUmping

Lastly, what’s the ideal setup for your new Rocky Mountain Slayer?

I opted for the smaller 27.5 wheels to make it more playful. To match my style of riding (and my love for jumps) I set up the whole bike really stiff; more air in my tires so they roll faster and I slow down my rebound.

I run flat pedals for tricks and the Atlas Pedals are grippy enough to make me feel like I’m clipped in but also let me switch my feet on and off without issue. The Bomber 58 fork is perfect for everything I want to do; squishy and plush and feels amazing off steep lips as well. 

RF Pedal

Lucys Cockpit

Bike Check

Bike Type: Freeride/Gravity
Brand: Rocky Mountain
Model: Slayer
Handlebar: Atlas - 35mm Rise
Stem: Atlas Direct Mount  
Cranks: Atlas - 165mm
Wheelset: 27.5 Front and Rear. Atlas Front, ARC HD Rear (Vault Hub)
Fork:Marzocchi Bomber 58
Shock:Marzocchi Bomber Air
Seatpost: Turbine
Pedals: Atlas
Drivetrain: Shimano Saint

Photography: Liam Wallace 

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