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International Women's Day 2021

International Women's Day 2021

This year, to honour International Women’s Day, we’re choosing to seek out and celebrate the women of mtb today and every day. We’re highlighting the joy of riding during a time of personal and societal challenges and mental heaviness. Finding fun on the bike recharges us so we can be energized when we need to be tough and challenging in other avenues of life.

We wanted to thank our local contingent of RF female shredders – Andréane Lanthier Nadeau, Micayla Gatto, Hailey Elise, and Georgia Astle - for coming together and sharing their energy as we look forward to new opportunities and further women-led shreds in 2021!


Rider Prompt

We also had our athletes answer the following question in honour of this year's #ChooseToChallenge IWD theme:

What’s an achievement, big or small, you’ve seen – on the pro racing circuits, at freeride events, or on trips you’ve taken with fellow riders – that stuck in your mind and made you proud to be a part of the women’s mountain biking community?

Andréane Lanthier Nadeau - Rocky Mountain Bikes/Race Face Enduro Team

"The biggest change I’ve seen in our sport is finally seeing women shredding without having the focus of the content being the gender of the riders. We’re moved on passed the « women’s weekend » or « girl ride trails » kind of content and that’s where we need to be headed. After all you don’t see « dudes day out » type of edits. I think equity comes by giving space to women’s riding in the industry without making a big deal out of it. Like we’re here. We shred. We push our limits. And that’s that." 

Georgia Astle - Devinci Global Racing Enduro Team

"It’s rad to see all of the encouragement between the womxn in the mtb community.
So many riders right now are motivated to step up the level of the sport, let’s keep the progression rolling!" 





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