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Hailey Elise about Trans Sierra Norte

Hailey Elise Sierra Norte

Contending with huge descents, altitude, and blind riding, the Trans Sierra Norte was one of the hardest things rider Hailey Elise has done to date. A 4-day enduro race set in the mountains of Oaxaca, the opportunity came with a chance to see the town by bike and log some serious hours on the saddle.

Sierra Norte 22

Flying right in from photographing Rampage, the travel was long and it was right into racing. What was quickly apparent was the quality of the trails. Wicked loam, playful descents, and a new trail at every stage. While the riding was incredible, the climbs and elevation were grueling, making it about survival at times.

Sierrra Norte 22

Sierra Norte

The end of each day was met with beautiful food and a chance to get the rigs ready for another day of intense shredding. Battling it out each day, the final results saw best friends Christina Chapetta in first and Hailey in a close second.  

Sierra Norte

Once the racing was over, there was a chance to enjoy all flavors of Mexico, including a Lucha Libre match put on by the race and Dia De Los Muertos festivities. 

Sierra Norte 22

First image photo credit:  @JuanFrancisGarza_  

Subsequent images: @haileyelisee 

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