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Athlete Bike Check: The Rocky Mountain Race Face Enduro Team

Athlete Bike Check: The Rocky Mountain Race Face Enduro Team

Jesse Melamed, Andréane Lanthier Nadeau, and Rémi Gauvin are back for another year of enduro racing on the EWS circuit!

This spring, we took a quick walkthrough of their Rocky Mountain Bike Altitudes. Give it a watch to see how they set up their enduro rigs to custom fit their ride styles.  



While they're all on the same frame for the season, a Rocky Mountain Altitude Carbon 70, each athlete has their own FOX suspension tune, unique Race Face component spec, and even *gasp* different wheel sizes.



The Breakdown:

Bike Type: Enduro
Brand: Rocky Mountain
Model: Altitude Carbon 70
Handlebar: Next R, custom cut length for each rider
Stem: Turbine R, 40mm
Wheelset: Turbine R 27.5 + 29 (Remi & ALN)
Fork: FOX 38 (Jesse & Remi) and 36 (ALN) GRIP2
Shock: FOX FLOAT DHX2 (ALN & Jesse) and FLOAT X2 (Remi)
Seatpost: FOX Transfer
Drivetrain: Shimano XTR
Brakes: Shimano XTR
Tires: Maxxis Assegai


In their own words: 

 "I cut the Next R bar down to 750. I used to run 755 and a bit but we got to Scotland and there was no room between the trees so 750 and down from now on." - Andreane


 "I like the Turbine R [wheel] for the compliance it gives. Alloy is something that we've tested back and forth with carbon and we just like the feeling of the Turbine R wheel!" - Remi 



"... matched with a 40mm Turbine stem, which helps me get more weight over the front wheel. I was on a 35mm stem and I was washing out everywhere so the 40 gives me a bit more weight over the front." - Jesse 


Keep an eye out on the Enduro World Series circuit for the Rocky Mountain Race Face Enduro Team as they charge the trails and chase podiums aboard their Rocky Altitudes, powered by Race Face, FOX, Shimano, and more! 

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